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 ...for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Special Attention Project (SAP) is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization that improves the lives of children with Specific Learning Difficulties by spreading information to the public, advocating for learning support for pupils with learning difficulties in mainstream schools, doing research and training on Specific Learning Difficulties as well as providing practical support to out-of-school children with learning difficulties in the streets of Accra.



Dysphasia (or aphasia) is the impairment of language skills due to damage to the brain.  Dysphasia results in changes to some or all of the following areas of communication: understanding, talking, reading and writing.

  •  Difficulty gaining meaning from spoken language;
  • Demonstration of poor written output
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts in verbal form
  •  Difficulty labeling objects or recognizing labels