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 ...for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Special Attention Project (SAP) is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization that improves the lives of children with Specific Learning Difficulties by spreading information to the public, advocating for learning support for pupils with learning difficulties in mainstream schools, doing research and training on Specific Learning Difficulties as well as providing practical support to out-of-school children with learning difficulties in the streets of Accra.



It is a combination of abilities and difficulties which affect the learning process in one or more of reading, spelling and writing. Accompanying weaknesses may be identified in areas of speed of processing, short-term memory, sequencing, auditory and/or visual perception, spoken language and motor skills (Peer, 2002).


Typical signs that a child with dyslexia may show:

The child:

  • confuses letters that look similar: b – d, u – n, t – f;
  •  confuses sounds that are similar: v, f, th;
  • reverses words: was – saw;
  •  ‘mixes up’ words:  left – felt;
  •  reads a word correctly but reads the same word incorrectly directly after;
  •  changes words around: ‘the mat is on the cat’;
  • confuses or skips small words: of, for, a, an, the;
  •  looses track of where he is reading;
  •  reads but does not understand;
  •  confuses left and right, uses both hands for writing;
  •  write badly or sloping on the page;
  • spells strangely, spells the same word differently.


Parents and teachers can help the child to learn reading by using different senses at the same time:

  • show the word (seeing)
  • say the word (hearing)
  •  trace the word (feeling)