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 ...for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Special Attention Project (SAP) is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization that improves the lives of children with Specific Learning Difficulties by spreading information to the public, advocating for learning support for pupils with learning difficulties in mainstream schools, doing research and training on Specific Learning Difficulties as well as providing practical support to out-of-school children with learning difficulties in the streets of Accra.



Specific Learning Difficulties are disabilities that affect a particular area of learning, for example reading or maths. It means that a child or adult is performing well in, for example, mathematics but has severe difficulties in learning to read or the other way round. It affects people who have average to above average intelligence. 

In children, Specific Learning Difficulties mostly become manifest at the beginning of their school career. In Ghana's school system very little is in place to identify this type of disabilities and provide the necessary help.

Specific Learning difficulties can only be diagnosed after a comprehensive assessment is conducted on the individual. This is because there may be other reasons why a child is not performing well, for example a sight or hearing impairment, poor nutrition or absence of education at an earlier stage.

Specific Learning Difficulties differ from Intellectual disability because it affects persons who have average or above average intelligence. When a person has Intellectual Disability it means the intelligence is below average, which then affects learning in all areas, not only specific ones.


Specific Learning Difficulties include:

Dyslexia - Difficulty in reading, writing and spelling

Dyscalculia Difficulty in mathematics

Dyspraxia - Difficulty with movement and coordination

Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder / Attention Deficit Disorder - Difficulty with paying attention and concentration, with out without hyperactivity

Autism- Difficulty in social communication and interaction

Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome / Irlen Syndrome - visual perception disorder

Dysphasia - Speech difficulty

Dysgraphia - Writing difficulty