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 ...for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Special Attention Project (SAP) is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization that improves the lives of children with Specific Learning Difficulties by spreading information to the public, advocating for learning support for pupils with learning difficulties in mainstream schools, doing research and training on Specific Learning Difficulties as well as providing practical support to out-of-school children with learning difficulties in the streets of Accra.

Awareness Creation

SAP Awareness programme’s objective is to fill the knowledge gap on Specific Learning Difficulties in Ghana.


Children with learning difficulties find it difficult to concentrate and learn in school and as such they stand a high risk of dropping out of school if not given the needed care and attention.  Parents, teachers and other care givers must be patient with these children and tell others about the condition of their children and how they can be helped.


Our awareness programme targets church groups, PTAs, professional groups, youth groups, community groups and any other group in Ghana that is interested in seeking the welfare and development of all children in Ghana, especially, children with learning difficulties.


If you are a professional body or a community group and you are interested in promoting education for all children in Ghana, then call us now for an awareness session with your group.


When parents, teachers and other stakeholders are fully aware of the learning and behavioral challenges that children face at home and school, they would be in a better position to help these children. Learning disabilities are not recognized as a disability in Ghana, Often children with this condition are abuse and labeled as witches. Awareness creation therefore aimed at better informing Ghanaians about the condition and what they can do to help.


Awareness Officer and a Self-Advocate in a TV programmeAwareness Officer and a Self-Advocate in a TV programme