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SAP prepares children with learning problems for the next academic year

SAP orgainsed its 2019 edition of long vacation classes for 30 pupils with learning problems. The six-week classes offered pupils, mostly children with learning problems the opportunity to be assessed for their learning difficulties.


The pupils received individualised learning support to help them learn better and adequately prepare them for the next academic year beginning September 2019.


SAP’s vacation classes focused on developing pupils’ competencies in literacy, numeracy and ICT.

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More parents learn about learning difficulties and inclusive education

“I feel very guilty after hearing about these learning difficulties. I have been very impatient with my son who’s in primary 5 because he has been struggling to learn. After this education, I have learned that every child has a special style of learning which requires parents’ support to help the child to be able to learn.”  This is a confession of a parent when SAP met parents during the PTA meeting of the Burma Camp Primary and JHS, Accra.
Because many parents are still not aware of learning difficulties, SAP has stepped up its awareness raising campaign to reach out to more parents and community members to enable them recognise learning difficulties and provide learning support for children with learning difficulties.
In July and August 2019, we sensitised 751 parents during PTA, religious and social group meetings. 

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SAP educates school girls on study skills

SAP partnered with Smiling Hearts Foundation to educate 40 school girls who were participants of the 2019 Adolescent Female Convention.

The convention which is an annual event organised by Smiling Hearts Foundation was held at the Pentecost Convention Centre, Nyanyano-Kasoa.

The participants benefited from practical learning tips in reading and writing, as well as maths. They were taught how to use flashcards to study maths, and mind mapping to visualise how they learn, and how they can improve their learning skills.


“I still remember the lessons on mind mapping that were taught in 2018. I have been practicing it. This year, I like the maths tips that were included in the training, especially the use of flashcards,” Nancy, 12.

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