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SAP Assess Information Needs of Parents with Children with Learning Difficulties

Many parents of children with learning difficulties lack information and knowledge about their children's learning problems. These parents feel confused and disturbed when they realise that their children cannot perform well and learn like their mates in school. 

SAP is bridging this information gap.

We are mapping the information needs of parents and caregivers of children with learning difficulties. This is being done through individual interviews. 
"I'm willing to get training and more information on learning difficulties so that I can help my child," 
one parent said during an interview. 

The assessment of parents' information needs will help SAP to:
- Know the parents' level of knowledge and understanding of their children's learning difficulties;
- Know the support parents currently can provide to their children to be able to learn, and the capacity they need to do more;
- Customise information and align training programmes that will meet the learning needs of parents' children; and 
- Know the preferred  information delivery mechanisms (face-to-face education, written materials or audiovisual materials) of parents, as well as the preferred language. 

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SAP Launches New Website

SAP's website has a new 'face'! 
The new website stands out with customised information that meets the needs of our various audiences.
Are you a parent? 
- Visit the learning difficulties pages to learn how you can practically help
your child with learning difficulties to learn.
- You can also check our services to
learn how you can work together with
SAP to help your child with learning difficulties.

Are you a teacher?
- We have
 information on learning difficulties that you can  apply to help children with learning difficulties in
your classroom.
- Make sure you join our campaign for 
Inclusive Education.
- Interested in training on learning difficulties? Check out 
what we offer.

Are you passionate about making a difference in the lives of children with learning difficulties?
Collaborate with us or go directly to our donation page to make a positive impact in the lives of children with learning difficulties.

Do you want to spread information on learning difficulties?
Invite us for a talk to your group or become a volunteer with us.

Our new website is designed just for

you! Visit to know what we have for you. We will also love to receive your feedback on the new website. Enjoy reading!

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SAP Builds Capacity on Support Mobilisation

he Mobilising Support Training Programme sought to strengthen capacities of NGOs to effectively engage in policy making and implementation.

It was organised by the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) in collaboration with Change the Game Academy.

Twenty participants from 10 NGOs across Ghana participated in the 5-day training programme.

The training highlighted the importance of beneficiary and stakeholder involvement in organisations' projects.

It touched on principles and tactics for mobilising support; as well as skills and techniques required to effectively engage in policy making, influencing and implementation.

"The training programme has further built my knowledge and skills on how to effectively involve beneficiaries in projects and also mobilise stakeholders towards influencing policies and achieving sustainable impacts," Richard Opoku, Programmes Manager of SAP said.

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