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SAP Educates About 4,000 Parents in Three Months

SAP has intensified its awareness raising campaign on learning difficulties and inclusive education, reaching out to close 4,000 parents in just three months.

The parents were sensitised during face        -to-face information sharing sessions at parents and teachers’ association (PTA), religious group and other social group meetings. 

The parents learned how to recognise symptoms of learning difficulties, the practical measures they could take to help children with learning difficulties, and the role the parents  could play to promote the inclusion of their children in mainstream schools.

“I now understand the learning problem       of my child better. He’s 11 years but finds it difficult to read and write. I have been shouting at him a lot because I used to    think that he was being lazy and didn’t

want to learn,” a parent shared at the PTA meeting of  the Garrison Primary and JHS at  Burma Camp, Accra.

“I’m very delighted to be part of this   meeting. I’m a teacher and more often,      you are likely to label a child as ‘dumb’            if that child can’t learn like his/her peers.      I have learned a lot from this sensitisation     on learning difficulties,” a member stated during SAP’s joint meeting with Success  Book Club and Achievers Ghana in Accra.

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Stakeholders Commend SAP for Promoting Inclusive Education

Stakeholders who participated in       SAP’s end-of-year "Stakeholders’     Engagement Meeting" in December   2018  have roundly recognised the organisation for its innovative        solutions and marked achievement in promoting inclusive education in    Ghana. 

The Project Director of SAP, Mr.       Richard Opoku, explained that the stakeholders’ meeting was     convened to:
- appreciate stakeholders for their partnerships and efforts at promoting inclusive education;
- to brief stakeholders on SAP’s programmes and its 
3-year strategic plan; and 
- to strengthen relationships for     stronger partnerships.
Madam Amina Achiaa, Director of  Special Education Division (SpED) of Ghana Education Service (GES) said: 
“I would like to commend SAP for the  good work it is doing to promote   inclusive education. SAP has been collaborating with SpED over the        years   by sharing their annual programmes   and working with the department. We look forward to strengthening collaboration with SAP.”

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Training on Learning Difficulties for Teachers of Crystal Wilhelm Educational Complex

SAP has conducted training on learning difficulties and inclusive education for teachers of Crystal Wilhelm Educational Complex at Ashaiman.

Twenty three teachers benefited from practical skills on how to:

- recognise learning difficulties;
- plan classroom interventions for children with learning difficulties;
- make their classrooms inclusive; 
- use the phonics reading methodology to teach children to improve their reading and writing.

The teachers shared the change that the training has brought:

Bernice: “I now know how to identify children with learning difficulties, and how to plan my lesson to suit all children with learning difficulties in my class.”

Regina: "I would be able to identify children with learning difficulties and plan lesson, and teaching and learning materials to suit them.”
Opoku: “The training has changed the perception I had about pupils who cannot read or pronounce words correctly. I can now help them to learn.”

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