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 ...for Children with Specific Learning Difficulties

Special Attention Project (SAP) is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization that improves the lives of children with Specific Learning Difficulties by spreading information to the public, advocating for learning support for pupils with learning difficulties in mainstream schools, doing research and training on Specific Learning Difficulties as well as providing practical support to out-of-school children with learning difficulties in the streets of Accra.

Out-of-school childOut-of-school child

Imagine that....

.... In school, you found it difficult to remember the letters of the alphabet

.... Your teacher called you ‘dumb’

.... Your classmates could read but you couldn’t make sense of any text

.... Your family said you are good for nothing

 Now imagine that....

.... Your wallet is taken away
.... Your phone is taken away
.... Your keys are taken away
.... All you have is the clothes you wear...

...and you are dropped in the centre of a city that you don't know!

How would you rate your chances of survival?

This is more or less the life scenario of many of the children at SAP. They dropped out of school because they did not receive help for their learning difficulties. Later on they migrated from their communities to the streets of Accra, often as young as ten or eleven years.  

What are Specific Learning Difficulties?

Specific Learning Difficulties are disabilities that affect a particular area of learning, for example reading, mathematics or concentration in persons of average or high intelligence. Specific Learning Difficulties include:






Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Irlen Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome

 Information Booklet on Specific Learning Difficulties 



FonixGH is SAP's learning-to-read method specially designed for learners with learning differences.

Previews of the books are now available:


More information about FonixGH

FonixGh and Learning Difficulties

The Power of Practice: Computer Lessons

This is Ebenezer, practicing what he learnt in Microsoft Word. He learnt how to use colors, shapes, text, formatting and grouping to create soft copies of book covers. He was able to create it from an example. Ebenezer has difficulty in reading but he has a great talent in designing and enjoys working on a computer.

  Read more here

Can you remember how you learned to read?

 What language did you learn to read in?
Was it the same language you spoke at home?
Did you learn the letters one by one?
Or did you learn whole words?
Did you learn the letter names or the letter sounds?
How old were you when you started reading?
Did you enjoy the process?

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Donate on Global Giving UK and USA

Meet SAP on Global Giving UK and USA. Send your donations to  support children with learning difficulties in Ghana! Your support can be one-time or recurring and any amount is welcome! All donations directly benefit children with learning difficulties in Ghana.

SAP on Global GivingSAP on Global GivingRead more here

Long Beaten for Inattention, Some Ghanaian Children With Learning Disabilities Finally Get Effective Education - See more at:
Long Beaten for Inattention, Some Ghanaian Children With Learning Disabilities Finally Get Effective Education - See more at: